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Home Control

 Managing the ever increasing technology options throughout the home can become overwhelming. HT Designs can put the homeowner back in command of these technologies by bringing together control of electronics, whole house audio, lighting, security, and HVAC into one, simple interface. Whether in-wall or wireless, our products offer tremendous flexibility, allowing for a control interface tailored to each homeowner's automation needs and technical aptitude.

Let your Tablet do the hard work for you!

     •     A "Wake Up" scene automatically adjusts the thermostat and gradually turns

          up the lights each morning.

     •     A "Goodbye" button locks the doors, arms the security system, turns off all

          the lights, and adjusts the temperature on your way out.

     •     While away, your Control4 system alerts you when your child arrives home

          from school or if there is a water leak detected in the laundry room.

     •     A single remote or touch screen provides you with complete control of your

          entertainment system. As the movie starts, the shades close and the lights


     •     An "Entertain" scene dims the lights and changes the music to let your guests

          enjoy their meal in a perfect ambiance.

Home Automation with Control4

With Control4, you can start with just one room or automate your entire home all at once. Here are just a few ideas to turn your house into a smart home:

One-Touch Lighting

Control4 offers a full array of elegant lighting options for homes, large or small, whether under construction or hundreds of years old. Accent your home’s design with stylish lighting, make it more energy efficient, safe and secure, and leverage the magic of automation by integrating smart lighting. HT Designs will work with you to decide how you can integrate lighting control into your daily life, whether it’s setting a scene to watch a movie or creating a path from the garage door to the master bedroom.

More Than Just A Thermostat

A smart home has the ability to respond intelligently to changing conditions. Many “smart” thermostats give you the option of setting minimum and maximum temperatures for various times of the day and may give you different programs for weekdays and weekends. But there are many limitations. With Control4, your thermostat can determine what “mode” your house is in and respond with the perfect temperature, whether you’re home or away. It can even adjust based on sunrise or sunset, or adapt to the current season.

Fast, High-Definition Video Intercom

Convenience and peace of mind -

    Whether you want to see who is at the front door, check in on your sleeping baby, or call everyone to the table for dinner, the Control4 Video Intercom makes it simple and convenient with an incredibly fast connection speed and high-definition clarity. And all of this functionality is automatically enabled on every new Control4 touch screen we install.

A Brilliant Family Room

The family room is a place to relax and enjoy time together. It’s also usually the room many customers begin their home automation experience. Here’s why:

     •     One remote controls everything: TV, receiver, music,

          streaming content, DVR, etc. That same remote also

          controls your lights, shades, temperature, music and so

          much more.

     •     Control4 integrates with IP cameras and security systems,

          and offers a video door station—so you can check out     

          who's at the door, safely.

A Bedroom Retreat

Enjoy the glories of automation every day—from the time you first wake up, until the moment your head hits the pillow again at night.

     •     Program a perfect "Wake-up" scene featuring your favorite music,

          followed by a gentle opening of the shades and a brightening of the


     •     Press the “Goodnight” button to turn off all the lights in your home, lock

          every door, adjust the thermostat and arm the security system without

          leaving the comfort of your covers.

     •     Be notified if people are moving about the house, or if doors or windows

          are opening after hours when they shouldn’t be.

Outdoor Oasis

Home automation makes your outdoor spaces more comfortable, more secure and more fun.

     •     Heat up the pool or hot tub from your smartphone.

     •     Create stunning lighting scenes in the back yard to

          showcase your beautiful landscaping.

     •     Automate porch, patio and yard lights to save

          energy or set a mood.

     •     Use motion sensors, lights and alerts for late-night


We Provide Commercial Systems too!

In today's fast paced business environment, there is often little time to dedicate to mastering the ever-expanding arsenal of technology at an employee's disposal. With RTI, businesses can integrate control of audio, video, lighting, and more into one simple interface that employees can master with little or no training. From handheld to in-wall control solutions, RTI products can change the way businesses use their technological resources, allowing companies to concentrate on what they do best.

Commercial Control

Commercial Audio

 No matter where you go in this world, you’ll find JBL Installed Sound Speaker Systems at many of the most notable venues. With that kind of global perspective, JBL has come to respect the one indisputable truth of business: every customer is unique. A speaker system that is perfectly right for one job might be perfectly wrong for another. That’s why JBL Installed Sound products offer a range of options without equal. From the extraordinary value of the Control Contractor Series to the ultimate precision of the JBL Precision Directivity Series, there’s a JBL Installed Sound product with a solid business solution based on equally solid business savvy. For more than 60 years, JBL has been the professional speaker of choice wherever sound matters. We’d like to believe it should be your choice, too.

We can provide digital signage solutions in a variety of formats. Each can be easily controlled and can provide static or motion-style messages.

Digital signage is ideal for business identification, advertising, brand awareness, or creating a unique customer experience.

For maximum impact, video walls provide powerful, dynamic messages that can be updated in an instant. Video walls have the ability to deliver content on a large scale in both indoor and outdoor environments.

Commercial Displays & Signage

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